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Which tour is right for you?

Northpoint360 offers two different kinds of Virtual Tour: Bespoke Virtual Tours and Google Street View Tours. Both offer different features and determining which one is right for your business comes down to your specific requirements and what it will be used for.

We strongly believe that every single business should at least have a Google Street View tour as there is no substitute for the incredible amount of value that they provide for local business. We could talk about this all day, but there is enough information on the Google Street View Tours page to be putting you on with for now.

Bespoke Virtual Tours are custom built and integrate fully with your current website and branding, allowing a truly immersive visual experience for your audience.

They are distraction-free and focus on delivering information to your audience through a unique visual experience that provokes adventure and curiosity.

With Bespoke Virtual Tours, you have control over multiple levels of interactivity. The user interface (tour viewer) can be custom rigged to offer information and multimedia points that are accessible at any point through the tour. Additionally, interactive ‘hotspots’ can be programmed to locations within scenes to deliver content to the viewer at specific points of the tour.


• Google branding.
• Hosted on google servers.
• Connected to your Google business listing.
• Increases interest in Google listings, increasing potential customers.
• VR-headset compatible.


• Custom branding to match your business.
• Custom navigation via thumbnails, floor plans, menus, etc.
• Sleek integration on your site with no third party links.
• Can be accessed as a stand-alone website.
• Integrate additional information points as part of the interface.
• Embed photos, videos, web pages, etc directly into the scenes.
• Customised splash screens.
• VR-headset compatible.
• Auto-rotation option.


It’s a misconception that Virtual Tours are only beneficial for businesses that open their doors to the public.

Many privately owned businesses with offices that aren’t necessarily open to the public still choose to be represented on Google with a virtual tour.

It promotes trust and credibility to prospective clients and lets them know that you have nothing to hide. It is an insight into the company culture and the values that the business promotes amongst it’s employees.

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