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Advanced Image Editing

Making the Most of your Imagery

Whilst every effort is made to ensure your property looks great in-camera, some things are just out of our control.

Grey skies, street signs and unsightly distractions..

Luckily modern technology allows us to enhance our imagery to capture your property in the best possible light.

Property photography provided by Northpoint360 includes basic image editing as standard. This includes perspective corrections, colour balancing and sky replacement.

We also provide additional image editing services for  properties that need a little more attention, or for imagery that you capture yourself.

  • Blue Skies Replacement

    Although we are blessed with such beautiful weather here in Britain, we sometimes find ourselves photographing in less than desirable conditions. Luckily this is easily rectified.

  • Screen Replacement

    For lounges or cinema rooms that are focused around a screen, we can replace the image to make sure it is vivid and clear. Not everyone's cup of tea, but still an option.

  • Item Removal

    Whilst it is best to photograph a house when it is properly prepared for a shoot, we understand that selling a house is no tidy process. We can digitally remove unwanted items from view.

  • Colour Correction

    A combination of different light sources such as windows, lamps and spotlights can make a real mess of the colour casts within an image. We can neutralise these casts to keep your property looking fresh.

  • Exposure Tweaking

    Capturing a property with consistent light is a a tricky skill to master. We can fix your own imagery to achieve a light and airy feel throughout.

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