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Turtle Bay Leeds

Turtle Bay


Google Street View Tour

Turtle Bay’s appeal and charm is partly down to the bright and bold Caribbean inspired interior design.

Searching for a business online will initially present you with their Google Business profile – essentially a directory listing that is pushed to the top of the search results and offers information about the business such as location, opening hours and customer reviews.

It is also possible to attach a Google 360°​ Virtual Tour to this Business profile and allow your audience to walk around the restaurant as if they were actually there, but from the comfort of their computer, tablet or smartphone.

As a Google trusted professional, we are uniquely situated to produce these virtual tours and publish them to the Google platform.

Since publishing this tour, it has acquired on average 6,000 views/month. Studies published by an independent research company found that 44% of customers use mapping services such as Google street view when searching for businesses and 41% of these result in an on-site visit. Listings with a virtual tour were twice as likely to generate interest than those without.

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