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Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual tour is a digital, visual representation of a physical location. Comprising of multiple connected 360° photos, they allow the viewer to explore a room or space from all angles, as opposed to a traditional still image that will only capture a small portion of the space.

Each 360° photo is connected to nearby photos with navigational buttons, allowing the viewer to move between different areas of the location.

Bespoke Virtual Tours can be fully customised to suit your needs. The tour viewer can be configured to conform to your company branding, the navigation methods can be specifically tailored to your location, pop-up maps and contact information can be made accessible at any point. ‘Hotspots’ can be integrated into specific points of specific scenes to provide any form of embedded media (photos, videos, text, maps, webpages), to inform the viewer about a specific part of the tour that they are looking at. Bespoke Virtual Tours can be seamlessly embedded into your existing website or can be viewed as a standalone webpage or app.

Google Street View Tours are catered more towards businesses with a physical location. They cannot be customised or contain embedded media or information, and will be branded with Google’s logo. However, Google Street View Tours are hosted on Google’s servers and are connected to your businesses Google listing, which allows your audience to explore your business straight away when searching for you. Studies have found that this greatly increases interest in local businesses and ultimately leads to more sales/bookings. Google Street View Tours can be embedded into your website, and will still have Google’s branding on it.

Find out which tour is suitable for you.

There are many reasons you may need a Virtual Tour. Some businesses rely on the visual aesthetic of their interior to appeal to customers, and a virtual tour is the most thorough and comprehensive method of supplying this information. Virtual Tours also appeal to our innate desire for exploration and discovery, and are generally just fun to play with – your audience will spend much more time on your page if they get to play around with a Virtual Tour.

Other businesses do not need their customers/clients to see their location at all, but benefit in other ways. Virtual Tours increase the amount of interaction with your listing and the amount of time spent on your website. They build trust in potential customers by showing that you have nothing to hide and ultimately convert more customers.

Whilst we try to be as transparent as possible with our pricing structure, the cost of a Virtual Tour depends largely on the size of your space (and the extent of your customisation for Bespoke Virtual Tours).

Visit our pricing page or contact us for a no-obligation quotation or consultation.

Yes. All our Virtual Tours are fully accessible on all smartphones, tablets and computers with an up-to-date browser.

Unlike many of our competitors, our tours run as a HTML5 page so there is no requirement for any special flash plugins or third party apps or software.

‘Hotspots’ are embedded links attached to a specific area in a specific scene of a Virtual Tour. These links can trigger a variety of customised programmable actions, such as pop-up media boxes (text, photo, video etc.), linking to another scene, opening up a webpage, linking to a map, plus more…

This depends on the size of the location. As a rough rule of thumb, it should take between 5-10 minutes for each 360° photo.

Both Bespoke Virtual Tours and Google Street View Tours can be embedded into your website with HTML code.

As a standard part of our service, we will provide you with the technical support you require to get you up and running.

Get in touch via email or phone and we will ask you a few questions about your requirements. We will then email you an accurate quote for our service. If you are happy to proceed, we require 50% upfront to confirm a mutually decided upon shoot date and time. 

We head back to the office to for post-production and tour creation. This can take up to a week depending upon the size of the tour. We will also invoice you for the balance of your Virtual Tour via email. We will supply you with your Virtual Tour and (in the case of Bespoke Tours) provide you with any technical assistance you require to get it hosted and embedded on your own website.

The ‘Virtual Tour Viewer’ is the window in which the tour is displayed. Bespoke Virtual Tours can have their tour viewer customised to include branding and information/website links that can be clicked on at any time. The ‘Virtual Tour Viewer’ for our bespoke tours are custom built by us and are designed to be responsive for use on a variety of screen sizes.

We accept payment by bank transfer only.

In preparation for your shoot you should make sure that the areas we are covering are clean, tidy and presentable. Everything is picked up by the camera so it is important to make sure it is looking it’s best before we photograph.

For Google Street View Tours, we are required to blur out any identifiable faces or sensitive information so we suggest that the shoot is arranged just slightly before opening to the public.

Bespoke Virtual Tours will be supplied in a zipped folder containing the tour as a web page. This should be unzipped and uploaded in full to your hosting service and can then be accessed as a standalone web page or embedded into a section of your website. We will provide full technical support to help you with this. We will also host your Bespoke Virtual tour on our own server for up to two weeks, so you can view and access as a standalone website it until we have set you up on your own website.

Google Street View Tours are entirely hosted by Google themselves. Once we publish and connect your tour to your Business listing, we will email you a link to your tour, and it will also show up on your business listing when searched for.

Northpoint360 benefits from the wealth of knowledge afforded to it by it’s experienced and dedicated staff. As experienced photographers, retouchers and web developers our focus has always been on the perfection of our product and the satisfaction of our clients and the end users.

But also:
Picture quality. We use high-end full-frame DSLRs to capture our imagery. Whilst others may use all-in-one 360° cameras that can be bought cheaply online, we recognise that the quality that comes from large high-resolution sensors, high-dynamic-ranges, RAW non-destructive file formats and a thick chunk of glass in the lens can make a world of difference. We also ensure full 360° coverage – no tripods visible underneath our cameras.
Our tours are truly bespoke. Unlike some competitors, our tours are custom built to our own high specifications. We do not use any third party hosting and as a result we are able to provide a completely bespoke product, with no third party branding.
Comprehensive technical and customer support. We are there to assist you with any issues you might have regarding your Virtual Tour, before and after we have produced it for you.

Nope. Our virtual tours will run perfectly in any up-to-date web browser. No need to download any silly flash player plugins or third party apps. Your audience will always have immediate access to your tour.

Bespoke Virtual Tours are hosted on your own webspace. We can temporarily host it on our server for up to two weeks until it is sorted. We will assist you throughout this process if required.

Google Street View Tours are hosted on Google’s own servers indefinitely and for free.

No. We can provide you with a portable standalone app version of your tour that can be loaded onto a USB or CD and accessed on any mac or PC with or without an internet connection, upon request.

We are based in Leeds, UK. We can cover the entire country, however we may need to include travel costs for locations outside of North England.

Technically, no. Whilst most of our clients prefer to be present during the shoot to show us around, turn on the lights and let us in; we are able to conduct the shoot without you there if required (this is typical of holiday homes / AirBnB where the keys are generally kept in a nearby lockbox anyway).

No. The prices we quote are the prices you pay.

There are some optional extras in Bespoke Virtual Tours that you may request that we will charge for, but we will make you very aware of it upfront.

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